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There is Only Responsive Web Design

You won’t be building a site that isn’t responsive in 2015. If you do you need to have your head examined because it is probably easier to incorporate responsiveness than not.

A UI isn’t a UX…OK?

It’s not as easy as it sounds to create a user experience. Well it’s easy to create any experience, but the right one is elusive.

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UI app development will never be the same now that Facebook has launched React Native, the much talked about and hyped framework that will make everything easier and life will finally have meaning. That might be a bit much but its real good and app development will be faster, cheaper, and better. Or will it? Yes it will.

Developers have been tripping balls over this project since it was announced since it will allow them to write code and see the results in only a few seconds. This mean you don’t need to compile an entire project to see how a couple of lines might affect it. This may not sound like much but not having to compile an app 800 times would actually be a real time saver. Think about it! It’s still based on JavaScript which is good from a compatibility perspective even though a little growth there would have been welcomed by many.

It is however removed from a cross-platform wrapper. Developers will be encourages to use JSX, a Facebook specific JS variant that can be used to “hook” native widgets in the app. This is why the app doesn’t need to compile to see how it works with native widgets and how these add-ons appear to be true apps.

Facebook claims that the whole point behind React Native is to think about app creation differently. The idea of “learn once” and “write anywhere” means developers can use React Native to create an app and take that knowledge to easily develop across many different platforms. Of course now developers will create an app for iOS and launch it.

Then they can take that app and adapt it to Android and get it working. It may be a bit clunky because it was first developed for Apple. The notion here is to take the components of your app and build it for Apple, then take the same components and quickly build it for Android from scratch using the React Native hooks. Sounds neat. It might even work. Once a developer masters React Native they could, in theory, move from OS to OS quickly building apps from scratch without having to jam in a bunch of proprietary crap to get it to work. That being said there is currently no Android support so…there is that. HA!

The React Native platform itself goes back to Facebooks JavaScript library that was originally put together to enhance user interface creation. This allows the technology to accommodate presentation as well as logic at the same time which is no small feat. The platform is created on code units that function like classes that absorb data and create HTML. Sounds freaky but it works really well.